1.5mm pins for … who knows what?

I’m at it again, dummy sales have slowed down a bit, which has given me time to work on this rapid charger plug project a bit. Since starting sales of my dummy inlets, (September), I have already recovered 52% (ish) of the funds I have been spending on parts for development projects over the last 2 years. (No, I’m not going to say the dollar value, but my pocket book was starting to notice).

My goal is not to build and sell complete chademo plugs, though they do cost about $3000 if you want to buy 100 from yazaki, they are protected by patent law and therefore are only available for personal use. But there isn’t anything stopping me from sharing information that I have discovered and designs I have made myself.

So continuing from my previous blog post, is the other metal part that cannot be 3d printed, the data pins. I have known how to make these for much longer than the 9mm power pins, and they are quite simple, so were not a priority. But before I publish instructions on how to build a chademo plug, I need to hash out all the details. Yet to be designed is some sort of locking mechanism. Initially I was going to use a 12V continuous duty solenoid, but when trying it out, I was disappointed to find out how freakin hot it became. So it is back to the drawing board and more delays. In the mean-while I am sending samples to a few key individuals who are major contributors to this project.

Parts/materials required:

  • Brass rod, I used 2.8mm EDM tubing I had bought for use as a 2.8mm J1772 ground pin
  • 1.5mm gold plated nail type pins (Digikey PN ED90409-ND)
  • pn 88605K28
  • Side-mount External Retaining Ring (e-style), Stainless Steel, For 3-4mm Shaft Diameter – mcmaster pn 98317A207
  • Fiberglass jig that aligns 1.5mm pins to brass rod
  • leaded solder (flows better than non-leaded)
  • flux – no-clean prefered

Tools required:

  • cordless drill
  • dremel (high speed rotary tool)
  • Soldering iron

Here is my slide show presentation on how to make 1.5mm pins

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