Upward, Onward

I will be adjusting my plastic parts for sale. I have been asked to find a way to increase my output, and decrease the amount of time put into each part. It takes around 5 hours to print a plastic inlet, but only half an hour to pour and cure liquid plastic into a mold that I created by 3D printing a master copy.

So now introducing, a solid black delux hooded inlet! This should be able to withstand much more abuse than the typical 3D printed inlet. See photos below.

I will be selling these on ebay, but also here. I have also decided to eat the different shipping costs and just ship world wide with the average cost included in the price. (about 10$ for economy no-tracking shipping)

I have already started selling my prototype solid models, they are white and as of this blog post, there is only 1 left (started with 5). The sales from these went to pay for my first experiments and the silicone mold.

You will probably notice a big hole at the back of the hood. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable due to the “undercut” that is present due to the edge that allows the latch of the J1772 plug to hook onto this plastic inlet. The pins and internal parts of the plug are still protected.

My apologies for not having a proper webstore with a shopping cart, I am doing all of this as part of my hobby, and between a day job and my half-ass attempt at a social life, I really don’t have a lot of time for webdesign. Though I always try my best to ship next day once getting an order.

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