I actually sold out??

So, yeah, I sold out of my solid cast dummy inlets. What do I do now? Make more?… I have a better idea… make a few thousand more. So you are thinking they will be cheaper right? Well, yes, they will be cheaper if you buy more than 10 at a time, if you just buy 1, then it will be the same price; $35 which includes shipping to anywhere in the world. I have not investigated different colors yet.

I am transitioning to injection molding and should have some sell-able units in another week or so.

For now, here are some photos:

very expensive die for injection molding

very expensive die for injection molding

first sample!

first sample!


If you are looking for a chademo plug update, I finished my final version a while ago, and sent 2 samples (including pins) to Valery Miftakhov. If you want to know more about the plugs I designed, check out my thingiverse page here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:121581/#instructions

As for the status of the charger, this video is a nice update:



2 Thoughts on “I actually sold out??

  1. Very cool! I just leased a smart ED, and this holster for the J1772 plug is perfect. Looking forward to seeing the new injection-moulded parts!

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